Garden Village Residents’ Association

Name: Cecelia Fouchee

Year of establishment/founders: 1926/Called the Civic Association

 Mission: The Garden Village Residents’ Association is a non party political organisation of volunteers committed to act, to promote and safeguard the interest of all the residents within the area and to build community spirit. The Association is committed to transparency, consultation and democracy. To represent the interest of the community in its relationship with the local authority.

Objectives: The upliftment of community, housing, recreation….

Services/activities: courtly meetings with community to keep them inform of progress reports.

 Achievements:  Instrumental in street lights in the Village/ Gravel roads to tar roads/ Garden show amongst Village people would find great pride in that. Until the group areas act was pass as a law after the second world war–means GV was declared as a white area =- 20 years hanging over our heads. 1994 our first election then Brain Watkyns played a big role in re-establish the RAMGV.

 Current needs of your organisation: Housing

 Contact information: 083 454 2518,, /, 60 Beatty Avenue Garden Village Maitland 7405.


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