Educational NGO’s

A non-governmental organization (NGO) is defined as non-profit group that consist of volunteers that is organized on a local, national, and international level. These organizations offer services and humanitarian functions, which brings community concerns to the government. Certain NGOs are created to help within the field of education, specifically early childhood development. The Centre of Early Childhood Development is an NGO that our group worked with while in Cape Town that is described below. Other NGOs our team found through the Prodder archive that are working in the ECD realm are listed below as well.

Centre for Early Childhood Development

The Centre for Early Childhood Development (CECD) is an NGO located in Cape Town, South Africa. Since their founding in 1994, the organization’s purpose is to “put young children first by ensuring quality early childhood development for our country’s youngest citizens” who typically live in impoverished areas of the country ( The CECD helps with building and upgrading crèches, providing training for teachers, obtaining government registration and funding, and many other things. Over the past nine years, thirty crèches have been built from scratch and about five hundred crèches have been upgraded through the CECD. The funding for projects and programmes like these come from trusts, foundations and other generous donations from around the world. To learn more about the Centre of Early Childhood Development, visit their website at

CECD Car Picture

Links to Other NGOs

Youth Development Trust South Africa
Contact Information:Telephone: 021 591 6770

Philippi Children’s Centre
Contact Information:Telephone: 021 370 0039

Centre for Creative Education
Contact Information:Telephone: 021 797 6802

Early Learning Resources Unit
Contact Information:Telephone: 021 762 7500

Equal Opportunity Foundation
Contact Information:Telephone: 021 671 9055

Contact Information:Telephone: 021 465 9604

Children’s Campaign Trust (CCT)
Contact Information:Telephone: 021 852 9900

Montessori Connection
Contact Information:Telephone: 021 439 4874

Southern Africa Sustainable Development Initiative (SASDI)
Contact Information:Telephone:  021 821 9699