The Background pages cover the overall themes and information that help unfold the story of our project. Below you can find a few pages that helped us develop our project focuses:

Preparation Research:

This page is about the research that we completed during our preparatory term before we arrived to Langrug. We describe the water and sanitation crisis in South Africa, discuss past water and sanitation projects in Cape Town Project Centre, and analyze case studies related to our project.

WaSH-UP Principles:

The WaSH-UP principles are core principles that we developed throughout our project. Beginning with our background research into CTPC projects, we worked to identify commonalities in WaSH projects that applied to the Mandela Park WaSH Facility. As we discovered the successful components and areas of improvement in the assessment of the Mandela Park WaSH facility, we were able to identify 6 key elements of a successful WaSH facility. These core principles make up the Water Sanitation and Hygiene Upgrading Programme, and were used in the planning of the Zwelitsha facility.


Langrug was our project setting. This page describes two locations: Langrug and Zwelitsha, a region of Langrug. Zwelitsha was the specific setting of the second phase of our project.