Act 3: Plans for Zwelitsha Begin to Form

Act 3 Summary:

 Scene 1: Alfred’s Worries

In this scene we learned about some of the other responsibilities that the Langrug community leaders have beyond their work with us.  We also got see a different side of Alfred.


Scene 2: Scott’s Discovery

This scene describes a pivotal moment in our project when we discovered a new possibility for the location of our new facility.


Scene 3: Multitasking

This scene describes a productive day in which we split into two groups.  One group obtained feedback from the co-researchers on some potential layouts while two of us went shopping with Victoria for improvements to the Mandela Park facility.


Scene 4: Hendri and Harold

Hendri and Harold work for the Municipality of Stellenbosch and worked closely with the students last year.  Although we were unable to work with them this year, this scene shows their willingness to help us, and offers hope for future collaboration.


Scene 5: The People’s Place

This scene describes a meeting we had with David Molorane, an active community member in Langrug who, among other inspiring efforts, has been organising public health education training for his wife at his restaurant, Batho’s Place.


Scene 6: The Signal Hill Exchange

An interesting discovery is made as community members from Langrug visit the Enviro Loo toilets at the top of Signal Hill.