Greywater and Stormwater Drainage

Past projects have focused on effectively draining grey and storm water to prevent disease and unclean living conditions. These resources document their experience and suggestions for handling drainage in informal settlement communities.

Jiusto, S., & Kenney, M. (2015). Hard rain gonna fall: Strategies for sustainable urban drainage in informal settlements. Urban Water Journal, 1-17. doi: 10.1080/1573062x.2014.991329.

Options for Sustainable Urban Drainage Strategies in Informal Settlements

Urban Drainage Strategies of Informal Settlement

Guidebook Addressing Greywater and Stormwater Management

Langrug Greywater Poster

Stormwater Guidebook 

Stormwater Poster

Stormwater Brochure

Project Diagrams and Models

Stormwater Case Studies

 Model Sanitation Centre Poster