Role of Site Manager

The site manager is recommended by the site committee to the South African Heritage Resource Agency and the Department of Arts and Culture, and is hired and paid by the Department of Arts and Culture.  The site manager is responsible for controlling access to the site, overseeing the site conditions, registering initiates, and enforcing site regulations.  When a prospective initiate arrives, the site manager makes sure he has a valid medical certificate in his possession, and proceeds to register him.  The site manager must know how many initiates are on site at all times for their safety. If there are any major issues or problems, the site manager will alert the site committee in a timely manner.

Site Management Picture

The site manager evaluates the initiation site and reports these conditions to the site committee, who then submits a monthly report to the Department of Arts and Culture and the Department of Social Development so that they may make the necessary repairs and adjustments, and request a budget allocation when necessary.  The site manager is responsible for scheduling trash pickups with the Department of Solid Waste. The Department of Environmental Affairs, who is in charge of the management of the site, is responsible for financing the trash pick-up and management of the site.

As compensation for his work, the site manager receives a stipend of R15 000 per year. This is the only operational cost of the site.