Act Two: Langrug

Cast of Characters:

Nobathembu, Alfred, Victoria, ECDC Team, and Ms. May

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We are currently working with Kiddies College Preschool to help with their registration and record keeping processes. During one of our supervisor and liaison meetings, Scott brought up the community of Langrug. He mentioned that the WaSH team was working with a crèche owner, Nobathembu, and asked if this was a community we would like to explore. While building this working relationship with Kiddies College, we wanted to connect them with a crèche in more need. We set up a date to travel to Langrug with Ms. May, our liaison, to see the different crèches in the area and talk to Nobathembu. The adventure to Langrug was to open up different possibilities for our project. Ms. May was excited to see how crèches in Langrug were run. Our main hope was to show Ms. May where her expertise could help others.


On the day of arrival to Langrug, we gathered into the WaSH centre. The wind pushed against us. Alfred, the community leader, took us around to the different crèches. Moving from each crèche, we saw spaces getting smaller and the number of children increasing. The only exception was Nobathembu’s crèche located within a church.

 Nobathembu’s Créche


After connecting with our liaison and learning about Kiddies College Preschool, it was time to move our project to the next level. We brought our liaison, Ms. May, with us to the informal settlement of Langrug. There we began to explore and learn about the local crèches.

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Sudden Realizations


After touring a few crèches with Alfred, one of the community leaders, we went back to the WaSH facility to debrief. Alfred had another meeting to attend but one of the caretakers was there to show us around. We asked the caretaker, Victoria, if there were any other crèches close by that we would be able to see. She brought us to the last crèche that we would see for the day.

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Just One Grain of Sand


Alfred took the ECD team and Ms. May around Langrug to three different créches. After visiting what we believed would be the last crèche, Alfred dismissed himself to attend a meeting with the WaSH team up the dirt hill. As Ms. May and the ECD team waited in the WaSH centre, one of the caretakers, Victoria, offered to take us around the settlement. Curious, Ms. May asked if we would be able to visit more créches. Victoria’s face lit up as she gestured us to follow her.

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