Meeting with Scott: Ending a Day of Confusion

Author: Brittany T Nichols


After a long day of mixed messages from different partners our advisor Scott Jiusto came to Stellenbosch to meet with our team to discuss what had happened during the day.

Cast of Characters

This meeting was between the WPI team and Scott Jiusto.


This meeting occurred in the backpackers lodge late at night.


Once we had heard about the working team’s weekend meeting and how the municipality felt about the funding MPC it was important for our team to regroup.  For this our advisor Scott came to meet with us and discuss how we should move forward. During this meeting Scott filled the group in on the recent meetings that he had had with the different partners. On one hand there is the community who is making threats if this project does not get off the ground and on the other hand there is the municipality who does not currently have the funds for a structure like the MPC. Through this discussion we came to the agreement that the WPI cannot want a project to move forward more than the partners want it to.  Therefore we would need to come to the decision of how involved WPI would continue to be with the project. While the WPI team would like to produce something tangible for the community our involvement can only go so far.  Therefore, for this project to be successful there needs to be contributions from all partners involved. We planned to discuss this at the next day’s  partnership meeting.


Through this meeting we were all able to make sense of our current situation.  Throughout the day we had all been pushed and pulled into many different directions on how we feel about moving forward with the project.  Being able to reflect on all of these different emotions allowed our group to clear our minds and help us focus on how we should proceed with this project.