Scene 3: First Music Meeting


After meeting with Ibrahim Orrie to discuss the possibility of a music creation addition to the music programme section of the Green Light Project, we decided that start the process of formulating an implementation plan for this project.

Cast of Characters: MGV Team, Ashney, Robyn, Ebi and the kids


We intend for this meeting to be an opportunity for all the leaders to meet each other and for them to define their roles and position within the project. Hence we set up this meeting to be a meeting where the leaders discuss where they see this project going. Also, it focused on what each other’s roles are in making the mini concert we plan to carry out on the 13th of December.

Key “Take Home” Observations:

  • There is very little time to practice for the concert, but the leaders understand that dedication is necessary if this is going to be a success.
  • The children seem excited about dancing and are looking forward to the prospects that this project presents.
  • Each of the leaders understands their strong holds and are willing to do their part to ensure that the project is able to run smoothly.

Action and Observations:

We met with Ibrahim, Robyn and Ashney in the Methodist church today, and we discussed how each one of them saw the project. Robyn spoke about how she could easily mobilize the children. Ibrahim spoke about helping people interested in creating their own music through the use of music software on the computer, and Ashney spoke more about helping mix together music for the children during concerts and other shows. Robyn then mobilized the kids to give us a mini presentation so we could see what they are capable of. We then introduced everyone to the idea of having a mini concert during our presentation day at the end of our time in the village.

Besides the immediate focus on the concert, we also discussed with the leaders equipment that they felt will be necessary to ensure that the programme is able to run smoothly and came up with a list of equipment in order of immediate need.

Reflection and Learning:

The leaders seem to know what exactly was expected of them and the children looked really excited about the prospects of this project. We were very pleased to see some of the performances the kids had come up with even without much equipment. We felt very confident that this project will be a fun and useful one for the children of the community. Ibrahim’s enthusiasm to help people make their own music was also very exciting, and it seems to us that we have found the right person for the job. We also felt that before we rush into making donations, we should find out whether the project will be viable. Due to this realization, we have decided that the preparation for the concert should be used as a pilot programme to see if the project will be able to run smoothly. It is also meant to get an idea of some of the struggles that the leaders might encounter along the way.

Moving Forward

We plan to meet with the leaders again to draw out a programme for the concert and to strategize on training schedules for the concert. We also plan to establish permanent meeting times for the project beyond the concert in the upcoming weeks. We intend to use the concert as a pilot programme to see if the music project we intend to implement is feasible. The result of how preparation for the concert goes will be a major deciding factor as to whether or not we donate to the Green Light Project for the continuation of this project.




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