Scene Three: Additional Meeting with Sponsors

Backstory: As whole, our group feels that our project is winding down.  We have met with a sufficient amount of people, both as part of the city and as part of the MGV community and we are really focused on writing the proposal.  During this meeting, we hoped to get some feedback on our proposal and any suggestions for future plans.

Attendance: Juan Nomdo, Crispin Barrett, Bob Hersh, Caitlin Donovan, Tara Meinck, Shahbaz Soofi, Sarah Thayer

Meeting Agenda:

  • Review of past week
    • Monday: Finished Bob’s edit
    • Tuesday: Worked on proposal
    • Tuesday: Went to MGV to take pictures, meeting with Brian Watkyns did not happen
  • Proposal
    • Formatting of the proposal
      • Possibly organize by goals
    • Content of proposal
      • Did we reflect heritage in a good way?
      • Are there areas you thought were too redundant?
  • Future plans
    • Thursday: Going to get some quotes
    • Last field day is December 7th
    • Any other closing up stuff?
    • Final presentations:
      • Ideas?
      • Presentation to the community?
      • Presentation at 44Wale?
      • Something interactive?
      • Kick-offs?

To read the minutes from this meeting, click here [PDF, 228 KB]


Our main hope from this meeting was to gain some useful information on our proposal since we do not have a lot of time left to write it. However, Juan and Crispin had not fully read them due to time constraints so we were given moderate feedback.  However, Juan said his edits would be available for pick-up tomorrow and we should be able to make some progress with those. Overall, our team is looking at the proposal as an opportunity to gain support within the communities, city departments, and politicians. Putting our pathway proposal out for these people to look at will hopefully continue to generate excitement and collaboration of all of these groups so that ideas surface to start implementing community gardening and walking tours in MGV.