The Process – Step 6

Analyzing and evaluating the channel

After completing the channel, it’s important to go back after some time has passed in order to check on its condition. In order to evaluate the channel’s condition, it should be documented both via photographs and via taking notes on what is or isn’t working, if there are blockages, if erosion is a problem, if there’s water pooling, etc.

Once this has been done, it will be important to talk to the community about the channel to see if they’ve noticed anything (i.e. if it floods in the winter, etc.). When talking to the community, it will also be possible to get their input into how to solve these problems and to work with them in order to fix anything that may be wrong.

Some factors that should be taken into consideration when discussing a channel’s effectiveness are: pooling, clogging, erosion, food waste in the channel, and overflowing.