Project Homepage

Your homepage will be the first thing that a viewer sees when they look into your project. It is important to make a good impression! Title your homepage with the formal name of your project, which will likely give a clear indication of the field and location that your project deals with. Including a slideshow, or even one photo that captures the essence of your project, will draw their attention and demonstrate highlight(s) of your project. Next, summarize your project goals, partnerships, and accomplishments to give a brief understanding of what your other pages will explain in further detail. It is a good idea to provide a guide to your sub-pages, so that a user who is looking for something specific (methodology, accomplishments, etc.) can easily tell where to find them. Finally, give your team contact information (email alias) at the bottom of this page, so that if the viewer has any questions they know where to contact you.

For more information and some good examples of a homepage, check out: