Sustainable Building Solutions for the Redevelopment of Monwabisi Park


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The goal of this project was to plan for the implementation of improved structures, both public and private, within the community of Monwabisi Park, Cape Town. In developing a partnership with community members and key stakeholders, the team aimed to provide a plan for sustainable, functional structures that better serve the community’s needs.



  • Research and analyze the current conditions of housing, community centres and community space within Monwabisi Park
  • Create a detailed planning and building proposal for new housing
  • Create a detailed planning and building proposal for community centres
  • Create a how-to building manual for the ecoBEAM construction system
  • Plan for the construction of a safe, sustainable, eco-friendly playground to be
    built outside of the crèche at the Indlovu Project


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Motivation for the Project

Our motivation for this project was to address major building problems, such as the need for community space and the need for improved housing. There is necessity for a systematic plan that details building designs, construction systems and management both of the community centres and the housing. The team hopes to promote a cohesive community environment and create a model for future endeavors similar to this redevelopment project.


Analysis & Methodologies

We began this project by researching the existing conditions of Monwabisi Park with respect to housing, community centres and playgrounds. After general field observation and interviews with community leaders and our sponsors, we were able to begin outlining two proposals that describe how to plan and build community centres and houses, as well as a manual on how to construct a building with the ecoBEAM Technologies. From there we determined research gaps that needed to be addressed and sought out community leaders and our sponsors for help in addressing and filling in these gaps. Read more…



The end result includes:

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