Ethical Considerations

As our team travelled from one part of the world to another, there was a clash of cultures and social differences. Prior to leaving and beginning our time in a formal village of South Africa, there were many considerations that had to be accounted for in relation to ethical and cultural considerations. With many new concepts and practices coming into play, our team had to fully realize and understand the ethics behind our work and the effects our project would have on those around us.


One of the first considerations that must be considered going into any new and unknown culture is that the beliefs that form the base of their social interactions and practices vary from those of our own. Ethics does not necessarily have a world-wide standard of which is strictly outlined to all cultures. As ethics is a set of guidelines with a purpose of directing individuals and societies towards a moral method of separating what may be construed as right and wrong in all manners of practice. Coming into a new and unknown culture, it is essential to understand the differences in ethics to prevent improper relations and practices while possibly effecting the characters that are involve and invested within the work.


Our team took many considerations as we began to begin our process of working with the members of the Green Light Project and the Maitland Garden Village. One of the most important considerations to keep in mind in working with such individuals is that we must remember we are dealing with sensitive information that may have a future impact on individuals, whether in a positive or negative manner. As we document the process through our writing and website upkeep, their involvement and actions become public. While we continue forward with the project and documentation, it is essential to continually obtain consent and awareness of the information and its use.


While we consider the implications of our work and documentation, it is also important to keep in mind the differences in culture and beliefs. It may be at times frustrating to work with individuals and groups of varying cultures as there differences in daily practices and methods of progression. With the frustration the team must consider the differences and understand the reasons. As the team is immersed into a new culture, one that belongs to those we are working with, we must remember to abide by their beliefs and standards as we progress forward in a new society where our actions may directly impact the lives and future of our shared action learners.


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