Meet the Municipality of Stellenbosch

Below are our main project partners representing the Municipality of Stellenbosch’s Department of Integrated Human Settlements (DIHS):

Michaella (WPI Student), Dawie, Hendri & Harold

David “Dawie” Carolissen– David is the Deputy Director of the DIHS and our main project liaison. David helped us to get a better understanding of our project during our prep term as well as an understanding of the goals of the Department of Integrated Human Settlements.

Johru “Joey” Robyn– Johru is a project manager in the DIHS. Johru represented the Municipality during our partnership meetings and put us in contact with a building inspector to help us design the MPC.

Natasha Siyengele– Natasha is a project manager who attended many of our partnership meetings.

Harold Lamberts– Harold is a fieldworker for the Municipality and helped us with logistical support while working in Langrug.

Hendri Steenberg– Hendri is a fieldworker for the Muncipality. Hendri was a key player in the WaSH construction and the main reason for its success. He provided us with transport to local hardware stores when needed as well as advice on construction techniques.