Act 1: Assessing Current State of Water and Sanitation in Langrug


Representatives from Habitat from Humanity meet with Langrug community leaders in the WaSH facility

Scene 1: And So It Begins… Touring Informal Settlements

We began our project by touring three informal settlements with a group from Habitat for Humanity, who recently signed a partnership with our sponsor CORC.

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Playing "white, red and brown"

Scene 2: Connecting with the Women of Langrug

We began to assess the WaSH  facility and talked with the women who maintain it as caretakers and their friends who spend time at the facility.

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E Section laundry basins in 2013, two years after they were improved aesthetically Scene 3: Learning from the Past

We continued our assessment of Langrug water and sanitation by touring the toilet and taps of the settlement, including some familiar places for WPI.

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A woman quietly does her laundry as we hold our meeting at the WaSH facility

Scene 4: Laundering an Agreement 

Based on our observations, we as a team decided that it would be worthwhile to work in Zwelitsha, an area of Langrug where there are no toilets. This scene describes an important meeting with our sponsors, advisors, and community leaders in which we agreed to move forward with a dry sanitation facility in Zwelithsa.





Scene 5: Doodling to Improve

We engaged the caretakers in an activity to brainstorm improvements that could be made in the Mandela Park Facility.  Scene 5: Doodling to Improve describes the process and some of the solutions that were identified.


Scene 6: Nailing Down Improvements

After much talking and planning, we began to implement some of the more simple improvements in the WaSH facility with the help of the Early Childhood Development team.  To read about the implementation of some of these improvements, click here.