Act 1: Beginning


Preparing for The Fist Activity!

Preparing for The Fist Activity!


This act is composed of four scenes that detail what happened when The WPI Big Issue Student Team started their project. Each scene takes place at The Big Issue and shows how the project advanced through working with a group of vendors. There were many hurdles and obstacles that had to be jumped in the beginning and as a team we crossed them one at a time. During this time there was a language barrier that created difficulties in communication. Translators were asked to help with this problem. Our team also had to learn about punctuality in the culture; the vendors were frequently late and it made it difficult to start activities with the group. To work around this we had to require the vendors to come on time to participate. As the meetings with the vendors continued a relationship was created between us and the vendors respected the project more and those involved. It was a great experience to watch and to be a part of. To learn more continue reading in the scenes ahead.

Scene 1: From 0 to 60

Scene 2: Starting off on the right foot

Scene 3: Getting Techie

Scene 4: Seeing Through a Vendors Eyes

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