Good Hope Initiation Site Proposal

The team went on-site to Good Hope College Initiation Site in order to identify site boundaries, topography, and challenges involving trash dumping and current site misuse. Interviews with related city officials were used to properly assess the site before recommendations were made.  Appropriate city officials and consultants were contacted to obtain specifications and cost estimates for water supply, irrigation, and vegetation, resulting in a proposal which includes a site plan, site management plan, and an implementation strategy for the development of the Good Hope College Initiation site.

After considering that a portion of the proposed land is not owned by the city and will require the City of Cape Town to work with the current property owner, Denel, to arrange for the purchase or lease of this region, the team proposed that the site be developed in two phases. Phase I will incorporate only city-owned land and phase II will include the land owned by Denel, as well as a small piece of land owned by the city.

Below is the detailed site proposal and two-phase plan:

Existing Site condition

Existing Site Condition

The site location, topography, vegetation growth and initiation huts locations were investigated and documented.

Proposed Site

Proposed Site Design

Considering the current site condition and Langa Site model, a proposed site design was developed and the rationale behind the design was justified.



Recommendations for the fill, fencing, vegetation and water supply were detailed:


Phase I

Site management plan, cost analysis and implementation for phase I were developed:


Phase II

Cost analysis for phase II were calculated