Project Work on Site

Documenting our Progress

As we worked along with our sponsors and went on to establish new relationships and understandings through various defining meetings and events, our team documented and tracked our progress with the shared action learning method of “scene” writing. As scenes connected and we moved forward, the scenes were placed into “acts” that separated the stages of our project into three components. To begin reading Act 1 click here!


From the beginning to the conclusion of our project, the team has been keeping a detailed list of all the individuals we have come in contact with during our work in Maitland Garden Village. Each “character” has been documented with their role being briefly described both main and supporting characters. For a complete list of all the social actors involved in our project  click here!


While working within the community, we established several meetings and connections with the various organisations of MGV aside from the Green Light Project. To better understand and work with the organisations, we compiled several profiles of the organisations. To get a better understanding of the work already being done in Maitland Garden Village by these organisations through the profiles, click here!


Along with the scenes adn organisational profiles, the team thought it necessary to document each important meeting that has taken place during our work in Maitland Garden Village.  As there were many meetings, those that were key to the progress and direction of the project were also placed together to better document the experience of essential meetings on site. To explore these meetings click here!