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Prior to coming to Cape Town, our team developed a proposal to indicate what we would be doing for our project. Our project focus shifted once we got here, but the core of our work stayed the same. This proposal contains relevant background to community involvement in an informal settlement and some possible plans to address it.

Our activites in Cape Town are briefly summarized along with results and conclusions about our work in our Executive Summary. [PDF 1.5MB]

This is our proposal to the youth-leadership programme based at False Bay College to bring their programme to Monwabisi Park.

This is our proposal to incorporate a photo service in Monwabisi Park. It includes the purpose for operating it, the way it will be operated, and the best option for purchasing a set of equipment.

After purchasing the equipment used in the photo shop, we trained the staff running the shop on using the equipment. In addition, we drafted a manual [PDF 2MB] containing a step-by-step guide on how to use the equipment.

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ISUP Proposal [MS Word 40KB]

Shaster Foundation

False Bay College, Good Hope Campus