Cast of Characters


Information about the WPI students and advisors involved in this project!


CORC has been an active NGO in South Africa since 2002 and is a member of Slum Dwellers International South Africa Alliance (SDISAA). According to the website of SDISAA and CORC, CORC is described as a “nucleus for professionals and grassroot activists” and plays the role of connecting organisations, with similar missions of upgrading poor communities, so they can effectively collaborate within the community. They achieve this goal with community-based learning, as well as the use of innovative social technologies such as informal settlement enumeration.

WaSH-Serv Co-Researchers

Four community members stepped up to work with us, the WaSH-Services Team, on the day we were in Langrug. These community members contributed most centrally to our project, acting as a resource about local health needs and potential solutions.

Other Community Members

Many other community members appear in our scenes and contribute to our experiences in Langrug in meaningful ways. We have tried to include pictures and a brief description for all of them, including the WaSH-Biz Co-researchers.

Health Promoters

Health Promoters® is an organisation that offers healthcare workshops at an “easy to understand, grassroots level” (