Morgan’s Reflection

While in Cape Town, I felt like I was on break from my real life, and now that I’m back in the States, I wish I was just on break from Cape Town.

Returning home, I still had a lot to process from my experiences. People would ask me if I had enjoyed my time in Africa. I had, obviously, but our IQP was so much more than me enjoying the experience. It was about the people I met and the things they taught me. Trying to quantify that, in conversation is nearly impossible.

It is easy to talk about scuba diving with seals, the view from Table Mountain, safari, or watching the sunrise from signal hill. It is a lot harder to explain why I still have a weird interest in toilets and why “Howz it?” is my standard greeting.

Going to Cape Town changed me. I’m not just talking I about the additional scars I got from falling into the pool at the lodge (trust me their lovely), but about how I now look at the world. The people in Langrug and our liaisons would share about their lives, and we would share about ours. That created the kind of cross-cultural experience that IQP is all about. I can’t wait to go back, because I wish I could do it all again.

These short paragraphs can’t even begin to cover how I feel about what I experienced in Cape Town.