The Resources Page provides additional resources regarding the sustainability of this project as well as additional useful documents. These resources include How-To-Guides for the art and music programmes, samples from the photobook, a link to photos from the Art Viewing, and a pdf of the Executive Summary of this project.

The Art Programme How-To-Guide provides suggestions and feedback for future art programmes based on observations and ideas gained from the week-long art programme hosted at SDR.

The Music How-To-Guide details how the music programme for this project was run and provides advice for future programmes.

Some of the artwork created by guests of SDR at the Art Programme can be found in the online Art Gallery.

Sample biographies placed in the photobook can be found on the Sample Biographies page.

The SDR Executive Summary [pdf 1.3MB]of this project provides a brief academic summary of the SDR project, relating background research to planning to outcomes.