Shared Action Learning

Shared Action Learning (SAL) is a way to foster sustainable community development. This technique emphasizes:

“Sharing among partners of ideas, knowledge, resources, inspiration, and compassion; Action that supports the creative impulses and growth of communities and partners; and Learning drawn from research, action, and critical reflective practice” (CTPC SAL, 2015).

The social demands of our project relied heavily on the development of this concept with our work, both within our group and during our interactions with the community. It was vital that we developed trusting relationships for effective collaboration. By working together to explore opportunities for the crèche, we ultimately strived to develop sustainable solutions through actions of mutual creativity and knowledge.

Through workshops, we initiated development of a viable governing body. We employed many SAL techniques in the discussions and activities that took place. With assistance from CECD field workers, for example, we were able to understand budgeting of an ECD Centre. Much of the specific line items and philosophies spoken about were new to us, and together, we and the governing body jointly drafted a budget for the coming year. By effectively utilizing the organizational resources available to us, we were able to participate in critical Shared Action Learning opportunities with both our sponsor and the governing body, arming us with the necessary tools to accomplish our objectives.



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