Scene 1: Meeting With Property Management


As the team has been looking into the current status of the driving range and the feasibility of its acquirement, there have been many speed bumps and unknowns. There was little information known about the current lease of the land and the plans of the current holder. It was the hopes of the Green Light Project to understand the possibilities of obtaining the land and apply for a lease for its use as a venue to the organisation and community.

Cast of Characters: Edmund, Andy, Sarah, Caitlin, Property Representatives

Key “Take Home” Observations:

  • The previous owner of the range has a 25 year lease that is valid until 2018
  • Different departments must be contacted for the various aspects of the land
  • There is a chance of cancelling the lease
  • Reservations must be sent from each department to Property Management to transfer control
  • A proposal must be sent to each department for each reservation


Action and Observation:

Walking with two representatives of the Pathway team, the team that set up the meeting, we made our way through the Central Business District to the city building in which we were meeting with Property Management. After signing in at the main desk, we were able to meet with a city representative and learn more about the driving range status and the lease that was in question.

We were informed that the current status of the Driving Range is that there is currently a 25 year lease on the property that is valid until 2018. The land is let to Mike, the Driving Range owner, but he seems to have run out of funds to sustain his business.. As there is much interest in the property and the city was previously unaware of its current status of being out of business, the department is currently looking into the situation and will then decide whether or not the lease will be cancelled. If the lease were to be cancelled, we were informed that because of our multi purpose intention for the land, the Green Light Project will have to submit proposals to the various departments of the City of Cape Town who are responsible for the activities GLP intends to run on the land.

This will mean that proposals will have to go to Parks and Recreation for permission to use some of the land for gardening. Another proposal will go to Sports and Recreation for permission to use some of the land for sports fields and finally a proposal will have to go to Social Development and Early Childhood for permission to use the building as a help centre for the community. These departments upon agreement to the proposals will have to submit requests to property management to allow for the land to be used for these purposes.. After going through the necessary channels, Property Management may transfer the land to the various departments for the proposed uses.

Currently, Sports and Recreation is working with the Garden Village A.F.C.  to obtain the land for recreational fields and a clubhouse for its equipment and other needs. Aside from reservations and leasing agreements, the current property is partially zoned for housing, which may cause difficulties. As it is close to the river and within the flood radius, it is unlikely to be used for housing purposes. Also, with the end of the fiscal year and minimal funds left within departments, it is not within the Sports and Recreation budget to begin the project at this point. Reservations may take several months to obtain, and there may be a possibility of sharing the property with the other organisation if seen viable and appropriate with the possible space and funds.


Following the meeting with Property Management, we found that there may be hopes of obtaining a lease for the property if the current holder were to fault due to his inactive business, resulting in a cancellation of the lease.  It may prove difficult to contact and work with the necessary departments, but it is possible to send proposals as soon as they are ready. Though it is unlikely to happen before we leave, we can empower the GLP with adequate resources to do this on their own. It was our wish to have a definite answer before we leave, but we understand it will take time and is difficult at the end of the year. The team was also disappointed to hear that the MGV soccer club has been working with Sports and Recreation and have failed to mention it to anyone despite the many community organisation meeting we have with representatives from the soccer club present. As of now, the city only knows of the club’s interest in the building. Hopefully the Green Light Project will be able to work along with the club to benefit both organisations.


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