Recommendations for Continuation: Training Community Facilitators

In order to support the continued use of our tool for monitoring and evaluation, we Community Memberswere asked by our sponsor to train the VPUU Community Facilitators about the methods we used to interview community members, how we created profile pages, and organized the data into the database. We developed a five-part training manual that covers uploading, saving, and organizing pictures, basic computer operation skills, database management in Microsoft Access, creating profile pages using Adobe Reader, and how to use a GPS. This information makes it possible for people with varied computer skills and experience to be able to contribute to a Profile of Assets book. Along with the training manual, we provided documents to the VPUU and on our website that are locked pdf templates with picture and text fields to be filled out to create more profile pages. There are 18 templates, with an introduction page, one-page profile spread, and two-page profile spread for each of the six chapters of the book. While in Cape Town our group pilot tested our training materials with one of the co-researchers, and gave a training presentation to Community Facilitators from the VPUU to ensure that the manual and materials to be provided were as useful as possible.Picture 19

All training materials, along with the database file which is too big for the website, were distributed to all Community Facilitators at the end of our project, and posted to the Cape Town Project Centre website. We worked with the VPUU’s information technology specialist to ensure that all files would be compatible with the VPUU system, and briefed him on our methods so that he could assist the Community Facilitators with any questions they might have after we leave Cape Town. By training the Community Facilitators we have taken steps to ensure the success of our book as an on-going tool for asset-based monitoring and evaluation.

Training Manuals

These go step by step with pictures how create our profile book using various computer soft wares.