Community Interview Questions

Community Interview Format

Preamble: We’re looking to collect information for WPI and the Indlovu Project about the building of new houses using sandbags. This is strictly for informational purposes; plans have not yet begun to build new houses. Indlovu is trying to secure funds to make materials ready to build these new houses using sandbags. Indlovu wants to build houses without moving people or destroying their existing house. However, while building is going on people may have to move temporarily. We are hoping to understand people’s thoughts on this new way of building. You are free to not answer any questions you do not want to and stop interviewing at any time. This information will be recorded on video and will be available for viewing at the Indlovu Project when the community centre is finished, and may be distributed by DVD, the web or otherwise to various audiences: community members, city, researchers, potential funders, etc. If you do not feel comfortable being on camera, we will not film and only record your answers on paper or tape recorder.

Background: Section, how long they have lived in Monwabisi Park, occupation

What do you know about the Indlovu project?

Did you use the community centre or any of the other Indlovu buildings before the fire

What do you know about sandbag housing?

Would community members fill sandbags for their new house? For others?

What do you think about starting housing here, near the Indlovu Project, as a demonstration in hopes of getting government and others to help fund houses for others?