Process Narrative

Throughout this project, “scenes” were written to provide the reader with a more in-depth look at some of our experiences. Scenes are a unique way of capturing parts of the CTPC experience and describing them in a story-like manner. They may describe first impressions, an emotional moment, or a celebratory event among other things. On this page are links to five scenes pertaining to key events, moments, etc. that we experienced during this project.

Scene 1: First Day Observations – Describes the team’s first day at Service Dining Rooms (SDR)

Scene 2: Dominos – Details a morning of dominos playing used to break the ice and establish a comfortable atmosphere

Scene 3: Tessa’s Stories – Highlights the day Tessa brought in a stack of biographies/stories gathered from her friends on the streets

Scene 4: Music – Describes the first music programme held at SDR as a part of this project

Scene 5: Art Viewing – Details the art viewing held at the end of the week-long art programme



A sneak peak of Scene 4: Music!