Mapped Facility 9

Surrounding Section(s): P, Q

Number of Toilets: 10

Number of Taps: 4 screw taps (3 next to open space)

Number of Basins: 3 (2 with taps and next to open space)

Community Member: Laurence



  • Container Toilet
  • No lighting
    • Dangerous inside and at night
  • Limited ventilation
  • Flooding problem
    • Holes punched at base of the container wall to drain floodwater
    • Inhibits people from using this facility
  • Kids often play here

Proximal Open Area:

  • Area: 46 m2
  • Pros:
    • Square plot
    • Undivided
    • On a road near an intersection
    • Flat area
    • Near a church
    • Facility services a large number of people
    • Adjacent to and visible from 2 laundry basins with taps
    • Far away from existing and new playground
  • Cons:
    • Flooding