Existing Site Conditions


Good Hope College Initiation Site

The proposed site area is bounded by Spine Road to the south, Mew Way Road to the east, and Denel, a state owned ammunition manufacturing company to the west.  The topography of the site varies in elevation from approximately 27 to 39 metres above sea level, and is covered with grasses and shrubs, ranging from one to four metres in height. The alien Port Jackson tree accounts for most of the vegetation found on site. During the initiation season, much of the site can be seen from the top of Lookout Hill and along Spine Road. A small valley in the center of the proposed site extends north, and one hill of particular significance is located in the western part of the site. This hill is easily accessible from Spine Road, and provides a view over the entire site, reducing privacy.  There is a steep two metre drop that exists approximately three metres to seven metres from Spine road on the edge of the region’s southern border.

Good Hope College Site Topography Conditions

Good Hope College Site Topography

Currently, the dumping of trash presents a challenge.  Piles of trash, and more recently, a large pile of tires, can be found on the site. The tires are believed to have been brought on site to be burned at the conclusion of the ritual for one of the current initiates.  Despite the harm that this causes to the environment, this practice is currently considered acceptable.