Feed a Family

Feed a Family

Good nutrition is an issue in Monwabisi Park because families are not able to afford healthy food. Purchasing our “Feed a Family” gardening kit for a donation of $40 will be an effective way to start eliminating this issue. This kit will contain everything a family needs to start their own garden. The Shaster Foundation, with the help of the Sustainability Plan created by the Cape Town Project Center, is currently finalizing the last details that will make the “Feed a Family” program a reality.BG2

The Starter Kit

  • Gardening Spade
  • 3 Tires
  • Starter amount of Compost and Mulch
  • 15 Versatile Vegetable and Herbal Seedlings
  • Watering Can
  • “How To” Pamphlets translated in Xhosa

Why Donate?

Donating a gardening kit to a family in Monwabisi Park will give them everything they need to start a garden with enough food to supplement the diets of a four person household. There will also be medicinal seedlings that they can grow and use as a cheap and effective way to treat common ailments. Taking it one family at a time, we can work together to create sustainable agriculture in Monwabisi Park.

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