Initiation Site Development

15The Initiation Site Development Team’s work focused on the sacred ritual of initiation, and its presence in the urban environments surrounding Cape Town. The team of four assisted in the preparation of a site plan and implementation strategy for the development of the Good Hope College Initiation Site in Khayelitsha on behalf of the City of Cape Town’s Social Development Department.

The team worked on site from October 20th to December 19th, 2010.  Over the course of seven weeks the team worked with local leaders, City of Cape Town officials, and provincial representatives to develop a plan for what will potentially be one of many successful initiation sites in Cape Town.  Construction of the initiation site proximate to Good Hope College in Khayelitsha is expected to commence in the months that follow our departure. We hope that the work done will lay a precedent for subsequent construction of other formal initiation sites.

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A Historic Perspective of the Initiation Ritual

Executive Summary [PDF, 681KB]

Good Hope College Initiation Site Report Prepared for the City of Cape Town [PDF, 2.59MB]