8. Facility Perimeter

Facility Perimeter


The sanitation facility was designed to fit within the housing redevelopment plan. The area will be displayed in an appealing and friendly space where residents of all ages can come to perform everyday tasks such as washing laundry and using the toilet. The perimeter of this facility will be gated to prevent access after regular operating hours.

water and sanitation redevelopment seed sketch cut

System Components


  • Fenced Perimeter
    • Fencing to secure facility after hours
  • Layout to fit within redevelopment plan
    • Entire facility fits conveniently within redevelopment plan

Design Considerations and Specifications

  • Target Usage: 200 users
  • Expected Hours of Operation: 6 a.m. -10 p.m.

Operational Plan

  • Facility Maintenance:
    • Caretaker to unlock gate in the morning and lock gate upon leaving
    • Facility monitored by caretaker to assure proper practices are being followed
    • Safety of users is protected by caretaker’s presence

Experimental Research Recommendations

Background Research & Discussion

The steel fence and locking gate surrounding the MobiSan Project provided another important design aspect for preventing possible vandalism of our facility. Initially, a gated facility with limited hours of operation did not seem feasible for the Park, where functional nighttime toilet facilities were scarce and resident opinions of a gated facility were questionable. However, after six months of operation in Pooke se Bos, the residents are reported to greatly appreciate the security of their toilet facilities at night from alcohol-induced vandalism. They have also willingly made other arrangements for after-hours waste removal, which in turn protects them from the elevated crime rates during the facility’s off-hours between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. Our facility will have a similar working structure with fenced off toilet facilities. The hours of operation for the toilet facility must still be decided and must mirror the caretaker’s work hours. The facility should not be open unless the caretaker is on duty.

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