Act One: Learning About Blue Sky

From the two months of A-term preparation, our team became learned in the ways of recycling and was anxious to put this knowledge to work. The pace of our learning and knowledge application picked up rapidly. Within the first two weeks, we witnessed Blue Sky’s pickup and sorting processes first hand, toured their facilities, visited pickers and buyback centres, and realized the enormous importance of the social concern that Blue Sky shows for its picker base.

From these experiences we gained knowledge and insight on how to proceed in the time we had left. It was made clear to us by our liaisons that they would give their complete support for the tasks that we wanted to accomplish as long as we could aid them in supporting the community, which has been their goal from the foundation of the programme. In the short span of these ten days, it was repeatedly illustrated to our team how the societal focus on the picker made Blue Sky different and how much it grew to overshadow the monetary sustainability that Blue Sky wanted to reach as a business.

After those weeks went by, we realized that we would have to work much more efficiently in order to achieve the goals we set for ourselves in the preparation term. Our scenes are listed here chronologically as follows:

Our Scenes are as follow and run through our chronological experience working with Blue Sky Recycling!