Meet the Team

Hello, we are the Bees Team!  We are comprised of four very different personalities who have come to function like a family.

Left to Right: Adam Cadwallader, Vicky Hewey, Santiago Isaza, and Evy Simsek

Please continue reading to learn more about the individuals who worked for the past 14 weeks towards the success of this project.

We are all class of 2013 students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI).  We spent 7 weeks at WPI’s Cape Town Project Centre in Cape Town, South Africa as a part of our Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP).  The project centre is meant to link university students with South African governments and organizations to be utilized to solve problems and gain real-world experience through a humanitarian based project.  We can all agree that we are grateful for this opportunity and have learned so much!

About the Individuals:

Adam:  My name is Adam. I am an environmental engineering major. Sports I enjoy include rugby, soccer, and Ultimate Frisbee. I also like to write in my free time. I chose the Cape Town Project Center for its reputation of high quality projects and the potential to have an experience unlike any other. Working with the beekeepers has been a very rewarding experience that I will never forget; it is one of the moments of my life I am most proud of. I cannot imagine having completed my IQP any other way.

Vicky:  Hello!  I am a member of Phi Sigma Sigma at WPI and love to run.  While away, I missed my favorite part of home:  my poodle Joey.  I was interested in working with this project for its business intensity which became a newly found interest for me over the previous summer.  I have learned so much from working with these beekeepers and being in South Africa that I believe it will take me years to fully appreciate all of it.

Santiago:  My name is Santiago Isaza and I’m a student at WPI majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I enjoy music, the outdoors, literature, art, and science. I was born in Colombia but I now reside in the state of New Hampshire, US. The time I have spent in Cape Town, Kaapstaad, has been incredibly memorable. The sights and people have had a heavy impact on the way I perceive life, others, and myself. Working with the beekeepers throughout the project gave me some valuable insight on the meticulous work it takes to be an entrepreneur. This has been a once in a lifetime experience filled with invaluable knowledge. 

Evy: Hello! My friends calls me Evy. I come all the way from the beautiful country Turkey. I row for the women’s crew team at WPI. I believe applying to the Cape Town Project Center was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Helping beekeepers who come from a historically disadvantaged community has been a unique experience and learning process.  To have had hands on practice with business and business related issues has been a great opportunity for me that I know will be useful for our future careers.