Scene 2: A Kiddies Graduation


When we started our work in Cape Town, we focused on assisting with the immediate needs of Kiddies College Preschool. Alongside with revamping their record keeping system, the team helped with creating general graduation certificates. The purpose was to, like creating generic contact sheets, allow Kiddies College to easily use these documents for the coming years. Through the process of checking and double-checking the learners’ name and realizing that we could now recognize these names as the kids we had seen so often, we grew excited for the day of the ceremony.

Cast Of Characters

Kiddies College Preschool Learners, Ms. May, and ECD Team


The auditorium stage of the Observatory Community Centre had red plastic children chairs arranged in a semi-circle with a lone standing microphone placed front and center. In the audience, the yellow chairs were scattered with parents and families. Chatter of excitement and anticipation echoed in the spacious room. The clack of Ms. May’s heels grew louder as she walked towards the microphone. Silence lay upon everyone. She started, “I am so excited to begin the Kiddies College Preschool graduation ceremony.”

Actions & Observations

Sitting among the parents, we were welcomed by the Kiddies College “Welcome Song” sung by the children of the red and blue 1 classes. A number of voices joined together. The elder blue 1 class exited the stage to allow the demonstrations began. The learners lined across the stage waiting for the signal from the speech and drama teacher. With a flick of her hand, the recital of two poems followed. The hall was filled with the sound of applause from parents and family members after the conclusion of each song. Next, the karate sensei approached the microphone and introduced herself before lining up the children to demonstrate the skills they had leaned throughout the year.  Punches and kicks were thrown into the air. Enthusiasm was splashed across the learners’ faces with their excitement to display what they had learned was apparent. This process was repeated with the older class with the same excitement and joy. When the last punch was thrown in the air and the children exited the stage, a line of small children from the red group began down the center isle of the audience. They made their way to the stage in there little red and blue robes accompanied by their classroom teachers. One by one their names were called and they were helped onto stage to collect their certificates. Parents were now on their feet, cameras flashing and hands clapping in celebration of their little ones. The crowed of parents cycled through with each child of both groups as they received their acknowledgement. When all had been recognized and photographed Ms. May stepped on the stage to make some closing remarks and thank everyone for coming and for having such lovely little people in their lives.




It was rewarding to see our behind-the-scenes work come to life. Weeks prior to graduation, it was hard to imagine the result of excited learners. However, when we saw the learners walking in their gowns to receive the certificates we made to represent their year of learning, we could see that the joy on their faces and in the eyes of their parents was worth the work we had put in. As our project is nearing its conclusion with Kiddies College Preschool, this ceremony was a harmonious way to end it.