Reusing Waste in Monwabisi Park

The Importance of Reusing Waste in Monwabisi Park

In Monwabisi Park and other informal settlements, access to resources such as compost and usable soil is limited. Treating and recycling excreta and grey water can provide residents with important tools to work towards making agricultural sustainability a reality in their community.  Human excreta, most notably urine, contain nutrients that can be extremely effective when added to soil as fertilizer.  See the table below for composition of nutrients in waste.

Composition of Nutrients in Waste Products

Pathogens in Waste

Along with useful nutrients, there are many pathogens in human waste and greywater that can be harmful if used on food crops. By eliminating these pathogens through the composting options proposed, there should be a usable amount of compost for creating vegetation in Monwabisi Park. The cycle of nutrients and pathogens in compost is shown in the picture below (Dalsgaard,2003).

Cycle of Nutrients and Pathogens in Compost

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