Project Resources

Over the course of the 7 week preparatory period, and the 7 weeks spent in Cape Town, our team discovered, created, and compiled a number of useful documents and forms for the use of our project, as well as for future ones. Below are links to these items:

Guidelines for Working with Savings Groups

Guidelines for Working with Savings Groups PDF

After seven weeks working with the savings group in Langrug, the team compiled recommendations for outside groups working with savings groups or for communities hoping to start their own savings groups. The following document outlines a set of fundamental concepts that might be helpful when attempting to start or assist a savings group.

Inventory Records Template

Kiosk Inventory for Mandela Park WaSH Facility PDF

These records were implemented to keep updated inventory on all of the items in the kiosk. These documents are hand written by the caretakers each time an item is sold or a transaction occurs.

Meeting Agenda Template

Agenda Outline PDFAgenda Outline PDF

This template will act as a guide for the savings group meetings. The elected secretary of the group will use this template to create the agenda for the meeting and the elected chairman will then use this document to run the monthly meeting.

Meeting Minutes Template

Meeting Minutes Template PDF

This template will also act as a guide for the savings group meetings. The elected secretary will use this template to record any discussions that take place during a meeting. Furthermore, attendance will be taken at the top of this document so that there is a written record of active and attending members.

Savings Group Brochure

Savings Group Brochure PDF

This brochure is an informational document to help savings group members explain their operations. When a community member considers joining the group, he/she will be given a savings group brochure for encouragement and elaboration.

Sidiniwe Savings Group Constitution

Constitution PDF

This document is the constitution drafted by the savings group members, with the assistance of our team. It provides strict guidelines to be followed by all members, and serves as a way to explain the group to prospective members.

WaSH-UP Informational Flyer


This flyer will be crucial to the sustainability of the WaSH facilities. This informational flyer can be used to encourage government branches, non-government organizations, or the municipality to donate and fund the facility. It expresses the operations and goals of the WaSH-UP Program.

WaSH-UP Proposal

WaSH Proposal PDF

This document provides a detailed explanation of the WaSH program, and why it is instrumental within the Langrug community. This proposal serves as a method by which to obtain funding, by informing possible sponsors of the value in investing in the WaSH program.

Weekly Report Template

Weekly Report PDF

These reports were required for our co-researchers to receive a stipend from CORC. This documentation served a great purpose in organizing our weekly accomplishments. Each of these reports was written (mostly) by community members and co-researchers.