Sponsors and Lorenzo (from left: Sheila, Lorenzo, Ronell)


Maitland Garden Village is a closely-knit community in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa. This community, mostly populated by coloured people, is filled with a variety of skills and talents but lacks organisational set ups, funding, and a community centre to properly harness the abilities within the community.

With these limitations in mind, community members headed by Ronell Trout and Sheila Galant, with the help of some members of WPI’s CTPC 2011 group, initiated the Green Light Project, a program set up “to provide a viable alternative for people to engage in activities beneficial to the community” (Baker et. al., 2011). This project has given way for several committees to form each tasked with specific aspects of community development. These nine committees, consisting of various themes including gardening, sports, fundraising, and healthcare, are lacking a place to call their own (more detail on each committee can be seen in the cast of characters page).

This year, Ronell and her team have decided to push forward the development of a Community help centre which will serve the purpose of providing community individuals with information and help, as well as serve as a venue for community activities aimed to further community development. The MGV 2012 group of WPI’s CTPC will be working along with these sponsors to try and make this possibility a reality.


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