Act 2: New Connections in Zwelitsha

Shaun from Enviroloo markets his product for the first of two possible locations in ZwelithsaScene 1: A Loo with a View

A plan began forming for the new facility in Zwelitsha as we met with a representative from Envrioloo, a company that makes dry toilets, as we identified potential locations for this “loo with a view”




work from homeScene 2: Not Reinventing the Wheel

We had a sudden realisation of just how our project fit into the grand scheme of WaSH projects at the project centre.   This scene illustrates that by building off of previous projects, there is no need to “reinvent the wheel.”  The development of ideas from year to year allows for us to expand our research and knowledge in water and sanitation.




Enviro Loo at Signal Hill

Scene 3: Toilet Viewing at Signal Hill

The WaSH team takes a hike to do research on the Enviro Loo toilet.









Scene 4: Meeting Nobathembu

This scene describes our meeting with Nobathembu, a community leader in Zwelitsha who will be influential in mobilising the community to work with us.







Children of the crèche in Langrug

Scene 5: Children of Langrug

We encountered children from a nearby crèche visitng the Mandela Park facility on the same day we had a meeting with community members from Zwelitsha to share our ideas and recruit co-researchers.





Scene 6: Exploring with Paula

We had the opportunity to see Langrug with fresh eyes when we showed Paula around the settlement.  Paula is a civil engineer interested in our work in Langrug.