Monwabisi Park Redevelopment Framework

Monwabisi Park Redevelopment Framework

About the Document

The Monwabisi Park Redevelopment Framework document is a compilation of our work along with the work of last year’s project center students, and proposals from the VPUU.  Its content and design were modeled after a document shared with us by the VPUU called the Khayelitsha C & TR Section, Cape Town, Initial Study: An Urban Framework.  The document covers pertinent background information and includes all of our proposals and main ideas.  Our seven main ideas presented are:

  1. It is proposed that a sidewalk will be placed along Mew Way in order to improve pedestrian safety, pedestrian traffic flow, and storm water management.
  2. It is proposed that roads within the park will follow current development lines in order to minimize relocation during the redevelopment process and to allow for a more natural housing arrangement.
    1. Roads will be wide enough to accommodate emergency vehicles to as much of the park as possible.
    2. Fire hydrants will be placed such that every house in Monwabisi Park can be accessed by one in the case of an emergency.
    3. Everyone who currently owns a car and parks it in Monwabisi Park will be accommodated with vehicular access to their parking area, as well as planning for vehicular accommodation to other houses in the future.
  3. More high mast lights should be installed within the park in order to improve pedestrian safety at night and reduce crime levels for night time travelers.
  4. Storm-water management will be managed on both a micro and macro scale in order to provide the best possible solution.
    1. Storm-water management is analyzed for each cluster or row of housing to ensure water is properly handled within the area immediately around the housing units.
    2. Storm-water management is also analyzed throughout the park to determine drainage sites and overall water flow.
  5. Currently there is no safe way to cross Mew Way from Monwabisi Park to Harare or vice versa. The sidewalk proposal in conjunction with the VPUU’s crosswalk proposal will improve pedestrian safety, especially for children in transport to and from the Luleka School.
  6. Due to the inefficient arrangement of shacks and other buildings within Monwabisi Park, there is a lot of unused space that can be utilized during the redevelopment process. Ideally, these spaces will be filled with recreational areas, community centres, and other public facilities. This will create more positive spaces for young community members to keep them off the street, as well as foster a sense of community and group advancement by providing services that everyone can take advantage of.
  7. The back edge of Monwabisi Park that extends into Wolfgat Nature Reserve must be contained as much as possible to prevent further expansion into Wolfgat and preserve the nature reserve.

Download the Document

The Monwabisi Park Redevelopment Framework is available for download in PDF form here.