On the Same Page


At the beginning of our second week, we started to get to know more people in the CECD and their roles. Aziza was one of the field workers that helped clarify the registration processes for us and helped us figure out what information we needed from the community. The crèche’s constitution was still in progress so we decided to visit Terrance, who works at the Early Learning Resource Unit (ELRU) just around the corner from Flamingo. After our visit we understood Cathy utilizing ELRU as it is convenient to walk to with such open-hearted people. This was our first time in contact with ELRU, but Terrance welcomed us in with open arms and expressed how happy he was for us to be helping Little Paradise. He handed over the constitution and urged us to move forward with the Non-Profit Organisation registration process. Terrance even offered ELRU’s office as a place to hold our meeting in discussing the future plans of Little Paradise and the roles of those who have helped along the way including CECD, CORC, ISN, and WPI. This connection was truly representative of all different organizations working together in doing what is best for the children.


Cast of Characters:

WPI Flamingo Team- John, Kim, Mike, Maggie

Advisor- Scott

Community Members- Cathy, Elizabeth, Lenrika

CECD- Sarah Atmore

ELRU- Terrance November

CORC- Thandeka Tshabalala

ISN- Melanie and Terrance



Early Learning Resource Unit (ELRU)

Thirteen of us gathered around a large circular table in the centre of ELRU’s open conference room. Terrance from ELRU took control of the meeting and tried to clarify to the members of the crèche’s governing body (Cathy, Elizabeth, Lenrika) which organization was assisting them with what. It was agreed that ELRU would help with the Early Learning Programme, while the CECD and the WPI Team would help with the Partial Care Facility registration and the NPO registration.

Throughout the meeting, all of the different organization’s representatives were talking while Elizabeth, Lenrika, and Cathy stayed mostly silent. Cathy was very engaged in listening and writing down notes, expressing how she really wanted to get things done with as much help as she could get. Elizabeth was also silently engaged. Lenrika, however, seemed like she didn’t want to be there.

Melanie was very direct and blunt in saying that she did not think that the governing body can move forward until they work out their own issues. She said that they would gladly work against each other rather than working as a team, and requested they go on some sort of retreat or workshop where they can work out their problems. As the room grew tense, Scott brought the meeting back to a positive place, reflecting on how hard both the Flamingo Heights community and organisations have worked together and their achievement in building a place that provides for the children. When the conversation turned back to the children and why so much effort has gone into creating this “Little Paradise,” everyone’s faces softened and turned to smiles. It was encouraging to see the smiles and nods of agreement from the Cathy, Elizabeth, and Lenrika when the topic changed. The children are the core motivation in what makes Little Paradise successful.onthesamepage


This meeting didn’t go the way we imagined. We originally thought the governing body would be more in control of running the meeting since we wanted to focus on what they felt was necessary and wanted to improve on from their standpoint. The meeting took more of an outside-in approach. It was uncomfortable for our team to watch the organisations talk about all the problems Flamingo Heights is facing without getting substantial input from the ladies who actually live there. It was ironic that the organisation representatives would always bring the conversation back to “the governing body needs to do this” or “they need to work on this together” but no questions were actually posed to the governing body members that were present.